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. Sweet Child' O Mine .

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The World is Round, and SO AM I

ok, addy, its time to finally face the facts.

ok, look down.

no, not that far

past betsey and carol,

ah ha, right there.

see that? THAT there, is tummy fat, and it NEEDS to go.

well, here are the choices.

*diet (meens no McDonalds....)
*Working out (ouch.... my abs...)
*Balemia (uh... pukeing? eww)
*Starvation? (also meens no McDonalds... lol )
*Diet Pills? (oooh.... sounds easey!)

i think i've found it! i dont have to work out, dont have to give up my favorite foods, (hehe, "im lovin' it") i dont have to puke, THE ANSWER IS DIET PILLS!

omg i want some.

like, "hydroxeycut" or like "Xana" ooooooooh or "Trim Spa" haha

i want trim spa! i want trim spa! ommg i want trim spa so badly!
im gonna go check it out on the web, brb.



ok, well it turns out it can be deadly, and Anna Nicole only lost like, 69 pounds.

so yah.

and it says that its not "long term"


how do i get this belly gone?

omg im such a lazy butt. lol maybe i could like, dah never mind, BAAAD idea.

*pictures me in a ballete preformance*

*shakes head*

nooooooo not gonna happen.

i want a way to loose the belly fat, but like, have fun at the same time. i dont want to do like, 24 ab crunches everymorning before breakfast, then 50 before i go to bed. see, thats no fun.

well, at least my HAIRS ok.
and my feet arent half bad, i guess.

but yah, its tough, being, large and all.

ok, i was at michelles party, and i felt really really bad.

cause like, naomi was like, "omg, yah, im fat too, i wear a size 0. but please dont tell anyone" and then michelles like, " i know how you feel, i wear a size 2" and then kimi's or someones like, "i know, omg, like, im huge, im a 14 in little kids."

and they werent playing around, or being sarcastic.

and then they all look at me, waiting for me to say my size, and im like "uh, im a size 6....?"

**********DEAD SILANCE************

everyone stairing at me....

**********STILL DEAD SILANCE***********


"GIRLS!!! pizzas here!"
*Everyone gets up* no more silance.

gosh, i just felt soooo bad.... i feel like i was the only girl that was "BIG"

i meen, i never thought i was "BIG" but, i guess if people are complaining about being a size 0, and im a size 6 then like, i have major weight issues.

i know i still have baby fat and all, its just, i dont want to be over weight, i just want to be normal, like everyone else. i dont want to be a size 6, i want to be like everyone else.

that tottaly didnt sound like me.
addy? is that you?
this is unbelivible.
i quote me, "i just want to be normal, like everyone else. i want to be like everyone else"

woah.... now THATS a problem. i know me, and i know i've made that "dare to be different" move. i cannot belive i just said i wanted to be like everyone else.

whats the point of life, if your just like everyone else?

you see, i want to be remebered. i dont want to be forgotten. i want people to look back on their memories and say, "i remeber that addy girl, man, she was something else, ill never forget how she was so true to her self."

see, some people like to blend into the crowd. but like, i dont understand that.
wouldnt the world be just so much more colorful, if everyone was different?
gosh, i'd rather be anything but ordanairy, please....

i wonder how im going to end up in life.

you know the most terrible thing?
what if you were 100 years old, and on your death bed, and were about to die in 30 min. and you thought, "did i waste my life? DID I WASTE MY LIFE?" you know, you really only get one life, and at the end of it, i'd just hate to even question my self on, "did i waste it" because so many lives ARE wasted, is it common for people to regret their whole lives? wish that they could go back, and live life to the fullest?

and the sadest part is, they only have 30 min left to live, their live has already past them.

you know what tho? theres still time for me. i can still make a change. i dont want to be just like everyone else, i do NOT want to waste my life,

so you know know what?

forget the saying "the world is round and so am i" FORGET IT! the last thing i was to be is of this world, so how about "The world is round, but im circular?"

uhh....... no.... laaaaaaaaame. lol

" the world is round, and i am square?"

makes you sound even more boring than the world.

"the world is round, but i dont have to be"
ooooo thats catchey!

see ya on the flip side, peaches!


Size 6, and PROUD

3 comment(s):

  • naomis the 14 kimmis the 0 AND YOU ARE ANY THING BUT FAT addy addy addy lol SIZE 2 AND NOT PROUD for me i wanna be a 0 again : ( o well emily would seriously kill you if she read this "*diet (meens no McDonalds....)
    *Working out (ouch.... my abs...)
    *Balemia (uh... pukeing? eww)
    *Starvation? (also meens no McDonalds... lol )
    *Diet Pills? (oooh.... sounds easey!)" she would not like those last three (gets phone) texas we have a problem LOL good times good time

    By Blogger michelle, at 8:04 PM  

  • see!!! thats exactally what im saying, michelle! i quote you, "size 2 and not pround, i wish i could be a 0 again"

    that makes me feel soooooo bad that im the size that i am.

    oh well.

    "im addy" so no one should even care how i feel. gosh. ok ok, i admit, there was ONE person in my life, that i felt really cared about me, but my parents took that away. *tear*


    By Blogger Addy, at 10:57 PM  

  • fine 2 and proud happy now? your not fat

    By Blogger michelle, at 8:47 PM  

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